Present Budo Masters

Doshu Edward E. Wilkes

Doshu Edward E. Wilkes Headmaster of Goshin Budokan U.S.A. and Dojocho of the Shubukan Martial Arts Center

Founder of Goshin Budokan Genjitsu Ryu Aiki-Jujitsu and Goshin Do Ryu Jujitsu (Biography)

David A. Dye Sensei

Shuyokan Martial Arts Center

Biography of David A. Dye Sensei - Budo Master Sensei Dye is the Senior Technical Advisor to the Goshin Budokan U.S.A. Shubukan Martial Arts Center. (Biography)

Grandmaster James R. Garrison

Grandmaster James R. Garrison President and Director of the Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy
Vice-President of World Oriental Martial Arts Federation

Grandmaster James R. Garrison is the student of Grandmaster S.C. Kim, one of the world's most notable martial arts grandmasters. Mr. Garrison's martial arts experience spans over 40 years, having been awarded a Master's Teaching Certificate as well as the prestigious Hall of Fame Master Instructor, the Kodenkan Spirit Award, and the Most Valuable Instructor Award, among others. (Biography)

Sensei Brett Mayfield

International Martial Arts Federation

Biography of Sensei Brett Mayfield - Budo Master Sensei Mayfield is the USA Branch Director of IMAF, one of the pre-eminent Martial arts organizations of Japan and one of the very few empowered by the Japanese government to awards titles. Most of the great martial artists of Japan are members of this organization. (Biography)